Providing world-class training and development is just the beginning of the journey with John Kennedy Consulting. It’s a great place to START, but what comes next?

From executive coaching and conference calls to customized video programs supporting your mission and vision, John Kennedy Consulting is the ONE-STOP SHOP for delivering both momentum and direction.

This is where each organization that engages in the Strategic Planning, Training and Development, and Executive Coaching will find articles, books, video training series, “Coaches Corner” and downloadable materials to support and encourage the commitment to lifelong learning. 

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360 Snapshot Self/Peer Report

Survey Results from Self and Peer Review

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Survey Link for Self and Peer Review 


Coaches Corner

John Coaches You to Leverage Your Strengths, Improve Your Weaknesses and 

Become a Better Leader.


The Survey Dashboard 

Complete Summary of Survey Data 


Moving Mountains


Boulders, Rocks and Pebbles That Drive Your Strategic Plan


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Strategic Overview and Percentage of Completion


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