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Fostering buy-in, engagement and measurement is what John Kennedy Consulting is all about. “You can’t expect what you can’t inspect!” and John understands the importance of corporate and personal accountability.


From monthly “check ins” and feedback to evaluations and coaching, John becomes an invaluable partner in your team’s and your company’s continued commitment to success. One of John’s most popular workshops, “The Great Game of Business”, creates a culture of accountability through effective leadership, engaged teamwork, and consistent measurement.


 Multiple companies throughout the world have instituted “The Great Game of Business” with success stories of millions saved and millions earned. 

We also engage in and on-line 360 Snapshot tool to assess the current leadership team in 12 key areas and then craft the necessary opportunities for leadership development to drive the Strategic Plan as well as accountability from both the team and the leadership.


Reference the resource tab for the 360 snapshot survey and executive coaching assessment/ worksheet and strategic planning dashboard for continued momentum, intention and direction.

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